About Me

Who Am I?

Richard Zheng has made a name for himself both in the social media industry as well as the photography industry despite being only 16 years old. His art has been exhibited all over the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Liverpool, Miami, and Korea. Ever since Richard was young, he loved to take photos of his family, and on every trip, he would make a short photo collection. He slowly started using photography as an outlet for his creativity and passion. He continued photography as a side project through middle school, and in 8th grade, he had his first breakthrough. In July of 2020, he posted a short tiktok video that got over 250,000 views. Realizing that he could take his photography further he continued to do photography and was able to build a following of over 30,000 followers and over 8 million views. He was recognized by world renowned photographers like Emmett Sparling, Jacob Riglin, Tyler Shields, Reuben Wu, Cath Simard, just to name a few. Just recently, he sold out three NFT Collections, grossing over $100,000. However, this is only the beginning and he hopes to do more in the future.

In The Field

When getting my photos, I do extensive research. Every photo I take has been meticulously planned and executed. Being only 15, it's also a constant struggle to travel. Thankfully, with the support of my parents, I'm able to travel during my breaks and explore the beauty of earth. My goal is to tell my story through my photos. By capturing the landscapes, I manipulate and edit them to create my reality.

This photo was a shot of me from Death Valley just before sunrise. We drove over 7 hours the day before, and woke up at 4 A.M. to hike to these sand dunes.


In November, I released my first NFT collection. With over 100,000 people seeing my work, I was able to sell out my collection in 46 minutes. Since then, I've sold over 80+ NFTs that have grossed over $100,000 and worked with companies like TIME, National Geographic, Morgan Stanley, and Fidelity Charitable.

IRL Meetups

I founded the organization UNHRD DAO. Over the past year, we've held an event in LA, NYC, and Miami. UNHRD DAO aims to give out grants to underrepresented artists around the world. 


One of my photos that was curated by Keith Grossman to be exhibited in Liverpool


I was one of the curators and people in charge of the largest photo gallery at NFT NYC

LA Art Show

My art on display