Some of my favorite images I've taken over the past few years

Landscape & Travel

I specialize in landscape and travel photography. My vision is to tell stories through the unique landscapes of Earth.

The NFT Collection: Subliminal Hidden Dreams 


Wandering in Time

Standing Out

I've stood out my whole life.


I always feel as if I'm alone


One of the most beautiful things I got to witness out in the deserts of  Death Valley. The sun casted a beautiful purple and blue hue on the rocks. Everything just felt so subliminal.

The NFT Collection: A Million Lonely Stars 



The Unknown


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A Million Lonely Stars is a symbolic representation of my first year in photography and how it saved my life. I first discovered night photography in November of 2020. After months in isolation, I lost myself. I became introverted and I felt as if I had no purpose in life. But the day I saw the beautiful stars above, it opened my eyes to a new world, and a new perspective.

Each image in this collection tells a story...of a boy who was lost and afraid of the unknown. It tells the story of being scared, the fear of failure, the feeling of wanting to be alone but not wanting to be lonely, and the feeling of everything at once, then feeling paralyzingly numb.

I hope this collection and each image in it will give you an insight to my world, and a new perspective from my eyes. I hope my collection will inspire the future generation of young creators and give you an insight to the mind of a young artist.

Joshua Tree

West Fjords of Iceland

Visiting the Dynjandi Waterfall

The Dynjandi Waterfall trip was an adventure. Just by looking at the pictures, the waterfalls appear to be rather modest. I was stunned to find enormous amounts of water cascading from the cliff when I got there, though.

Although Dynjandi is not on many photographers' bucket lists, this unique waterfall offers a lot of creative freedom. A wide angle photo was used in the first image above to demonstrate the size of the foss. Another photograph, taken with a medium focus length, revealed the waterfall's true size. Finally, a telephoto shot of this scene revealed the distinctive patterns of Iceland's fosses.

Lifestyle and Product 

Photos I've taken of the "travel" lifestyle + brand work.

Photos taken with the amazing Michelle Lawrence

A long exposure outside Las Vegas

Photos taken with the amazing Michelle Lawrence

A long exposure outside Las Vegas